benefits of mindfulness

How to Improve Sleep Through Mindfulness Meditation

Someone has very rightly said, "Prioritizing good sleep is good self love". The benefits of mindfulness meditation for improving sleep have been well researched. In a small study, Goldstein and Ong found that people who practiced meditation for at least six weeks had more melatonin in their brains during the ...
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The Importance of Teaching Mindfulness From Childhood

The Importance of Teaching Mindfulness From Childhood Thinking about mindfulness and it's importance in modern life, I remember having read a quote that said, "In a world full of doing doing doing, it's important to take a moment, to just breathe, to just be." How true is that! And I ...
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Benefits of Meditation

Can Meditation boost my brain?

Benefits of Meditation Researchers and yoga practitioners have known for several years about the benefits of Meditation. It is widely known that it can release stress, elevate mood as well as normalize the blood pressure and blood sugar levels. With the advent of technology (fMRI, EEG etc) in medical science ...
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mindfulness meditation

Practicing the Art of Mindfulness in Your Everyday Life

“Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience”. This quote has deeper meanings hidden in it. Often, in this fast world, we fail to pause and look around us. We are multitasking, running around doing one thing or the other without understanding the need to be attentive. In ...
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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ideal exercise for your body & mind and has its significance since ancient times. Practicing yoga offers several health benefits including a healthy body, peace of mind, increases concentration, etc. Yoga is the master among all forms of physical fitness Yoga has been a prehistoric and ancient ...
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