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Welcome aboard on the MindSupport life!

Rooted in a culture of healthy body and sound mind, our wellness services programs offer you a holistic approach through yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

We help you intensify your yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices under the guidance of our experienced and seasoned mentors.

We have brought together proficient masters to compose the modules and conduct yoga, meditation and mindfulness programs for all. Our masters have a cumulative experience of 25-30 years in practicing, pursuing and perfecting the forms.

The team shares with you the knowledge and benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness on a theoretical level and in practice.

Why yoga, meditation and mindfulness?

Today’s desk-bound routine, unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity has taken an emotional toll and put our physical and mental health at stake. Stress, lethargy, arthritis, heart disorders and other lifestyle diseases has been increasing as by-products of our urban routine. Hence, we have put together yoga, meditation and mindfulness modules that has not only proven to be an effective means of keeping fit but also keeping diseases at bay.

The program was born keeping in mind the goals and comfort of those interested in learning one or all the three practices to improve overall quality of life.

Our forms are a derivative of centuries of practice and its positive results verified by doctors, academicians and researchers for multitude of years. We offer individual and integrated modules of yoga, meditation and mindfulness that draw out the benefits of eastern knowledge and western science.

Making yoga, meditation and mindfulness a part of you!

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