Understanding the struggles encountered in today’s busy, stressful and gizmo lifestyle, mindsupport has introduced integrated as well as individual yoga, meditation and mindfulness programs for the young and old alike.

Our team of mentors

We have brought together proficient masters to compose the modules and conduct yoga, meditation and mindfulness programs for all. Our masters have a cumulative experience of many years in practicing, pursuing and perfecting the forms.

The team shares with you the knowledge and benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness on a theoretical level and in practice.

Excelling in various yoga styles, meditation techniques and mindfulness practices, our team of mentors are here to understand your goals and worries, and work towards it.

Customized yoga, meditation and mindfulness programs:

Our programs are tailored to tend to the individual needs of the students. Every individual is different, so are their requirements and abilities.

The programs ranges from basic to advanced levels, and providing personal attention has been a key focus in our yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions.

Programs Level Price Hours Days


Basic 2500 1 hr 6
Standard 3000 1 hr 7
Advanced 3000 1 hr 7


Basic 5500  1 hr 6
Standard 6000  1 hr 7
Advanced 7000  1 hr 7


Basic 5500  1 hr 6
Standard 6000  1 hr 7
Advanced 7000  1 hr 7

 How is yoga, meditation and mindfulness pursued?


Yoga encompass an eight-fold path known as ashtanga. They serve as the disciplines and directives to follow for perfecting the abhyasa:

Yama–Restraints and moral disciplines

Niyama–  Observances

Asana– Posture

Pranayama– Breathing techniques

Pratyahara– Sense withdrawal

Dharana– Focused concentration

Dhyana– Meditative absorption


The primary aim of these disciplines are to bring together body, mind, intelligence and self. And this can be attained through four stages:

Arambavastha– Practicing at the physical body level

Ghatavastha–Mind in sync with the movements of the body

Parichayavastha–Intelligence in unison with the body

Nispattyavastha–State of perfection, inducing inner awareness


Moving from a beginner to a seasoned meditator includes varying levels of meditation. Each individual experiences these stages of transition in different orders.

Being aware of the present moment

The first step is to cut off distractions from the external environment. In this stage, you tend to relax your mind and leave behind your past and worries and focus on the present.

Tranquilizing your mind

Putting the ever-chattering inner mind at rest is a progressive effort. Practicing effective techniques allows your mind to slip into a silent pause and bring it into the present.

Focusing on breath

Once the mind is silenced and at peace, the next stage is to bring your focus on a sole thing, your breath. It helps you screen out undesired interruptions, and as a result, you will invoke positive emotions of happiness and tranquillity.

Being aware of full breath

Here is when nothing passes your mind without your attention. This penultimate stage tames your mind wherein your absolute focus is on the short moments of silent breathing.

Sustaining complete attention

Finally, you develop awareness wherein you effortlessly focus on your breath without interruptions or distractions. And at this point, your transition from a restless person to a calm meditator is complete.


Mindfulness is a form of meditation. It is being aware focusing entirely on the present moment, here and now.

The two practices are like different rhythms of the same song. The biggest difference being, mediation is the awareness of nothing, while mindfulness is the awareness of something.You will pass through four stages to excel mindfulness:

 Unconscious incompetence

This is the first stage wherein your mind is tangled by unhelpful thoughts, and your body is occupied by unwanted behaviour. These are a reflection of a distressed inner-self.

Conscious incompetence

Here is when you will be aware of the undesired thoughts and behaviour. Sometimes, caught in the past and sometimes foretelling the future, you will learn more about your anxious and restless minds. You will identify the negative patterns and emotions it induces and develop compassion to one self.

Conscious competence

At this penultimate stage, you tend to cut off from your thoughts. It doesn’t mean your mind is not thinking or anxious anymore. It remains, but you will develop the ability to react consciously and not let the thoughts overpower or control your emotions or reactions.

Unconscious competence

In this final stage,you wouldn’t need to force yourself to bring control over your mind, thoughts and reactions. You would experience a growing sense of peace and calm, and the insistent chattering of thoughts gradually diminish.

The journey of mastering yoga, meditation and mindfulness tests your endurance with practice and perseverance.

We welcome individuals from all walks – students, executives, athletes, homemakers,to join us, learn and inspire a new lifestyle through yoga, meditation and mindfulness. We also extend our support through Consolace, our counselling service for those seeking emotional wellbeing and support and in quest for improved quality of life.