Yoga is a practice that is in existence for over 5000 years. The ancient discipline has evolved over centuries under many gurus and its benefits marked as phenomenal even by modern science.

Mentioned in the sacred texts as a way of life, yoga is indeed a science designed and developed to regenerate life force energy through heightened oxygen intake and blood circulation.

The practice not only helps power up your energy but also improves the quality of thoughts. As a result, practicing yoga becomes a significant element to attain a meditative and mindful state.

Benefits of practicing yoga:

Increase blood flow

Within a few of practicing yoga, you will experience an overall improvement in your health.

Circulation of oxygenated blood is a key aspect to nourish our body tissues, organs and cells. And intensified circulation enables your system to:

  • Boost energy
  • Drive cell growth
  • Develop healthy skin
  • Improve cognitive ability

Normalize weight

Weight gain and loss can be a consequence of an imbalanced internal system and reflection of unhealthy diet. When you practice yoga, you don’t have to forcefully assert yourself to lose or gain weight. In fact, yoga asanas and pranayama naturally drives your body to restore and maintain a balanced metabolism and hormonal system.

It acts a mechanism to normalize your internal body functions, and hence becomes effective in regularizing weight as for the needs of your body.

Gain flexibility

If you experience stiffness and feel trapped in your body,it isnever too late to take up yoga. Yoga asanas (postures) involves long-hold stretches, and flexibility comes as a natural result.

The asanas along with appropriate breathing regulates your nervous system and turns on your parasympathetic nervous system. It helps you disengage and loosen up stiff soft tissues.

Strengthen muscles and bones

Along with toning and building up your body muscles, yoga helps you strengthen your bones and cure ailments like Osteoporosis(largely experienced by women after the age of 30) caused due to decline in bone density.

The postures stimulate bone production, while the stretches and twists progressively make your bones tough and strong.

Prevent joint disorders

Arthritis is a major concern faced by the working force and aging individuals. Yoga not only enables you to manage the condition but also helps you prevent the emergence and development of joint disorders.

A number of Orthopaedic Surgeons have identified the practice as one of the safest form of exercises to protect and apply your joints.

Regulate stress levels

Stress is an aftermath of elevated level of cortisol (steroid hormone), a condition commonly impacting the young and old alike. The rightful practice of yoga asanas and pranayama makes your system capable of regulating this stress hormone and deactivating your stress response.

Studies have confirmed that even with one or two yoga sessions, a significant reduction in the stress hormone is noticed, and regular practice can even aid chronically ill patients.

Improve respiration

Prana, the vital energy or life force,and ayama, meaning control makes pranayama (control of breath) a significant component of yoga.

The breathing techniques boosts respiration by expanding and optimizing your lung capacity. And clearly, more oxygen intake means more energy and less chances of chronic ailments, including cancer.

Enhance immunity

The various asana and pranayama equip your body to:

  • Release more white blood cells
  • Open the heart
  • Decongest and expand your chest
  • Simulate the thymus developing disease-fighting T cells
  • Improve blood circulation

All of which in turn helps in detoxifying your body, strengthening your defence mechanism and building strong immunity. Hence, yoga can be your all-in-one solution to keep disease-spreading pathogens at bay.

Our yoga programs and personalized classes are aimed at transforming your life. We help you learn the right postures and breathing techniques and understand the benefits of practising them.

Actively pursuing your yoga classes unfolds the infinite potential in you; it lets you acquire calmness, improve awareness, develop concentration and habitually releases tension and stress. And this would be reflected in your day-to-day lives, be it in studies, work, relationships or family life.

You would be active in the most positive sense and move towards complete physical, mental and emotional well-being. And soon you will realize, Yoga is not just a form of exercise, but it is the holistic upliftment of your body, mind and soul.