About Mindsupport

mindsupport has come into life with the belief of the founder, Sandhya Rani, to empower our community by passing on the value of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

This firm has been providing wellness services since 2010. Consolace, a Counselling and emotional wellness service, led by its head counsellor Sandhya, is a one-stop centre for everyone in a family, children, adults and old alike to go to in times calling for emotional support and mental strength.

Located in the serene grounds of Trivandrum, Kerala, mindsupport is now extending yoga, meditation and mindfulness programs to all who are looking to welcome a fit and balanced way of life.

mindsupport open up the opportunity of living to the fullest, be it your personal, academic, athletic or professional life with a healthy body, sharp intelligence and sound mind you can achieve an improved quality of life.

We believe in nurturing a healthy and hearty culture, taming the troubles of modern-day lifestyle and bringing positive shifts in the physical, mental and emotional health of individuals.