Meditation is an approach to train your mind just like how exercise is an approach to train the body. It is a practice that helps silence our mind and makes us aware of our inner-stillness and peace.

Meditation is a simple and beautiful way to get rid of our cares and concerns, quelling our restless mind and chattering thoughts. It gives your mind a steady focus to cultivate clarity and attention in everyday situations.

mindsupport mediation classes have been put together not only as an approach to relax into yourself, but to make you vigilant and self-aware of the moment, taking you through a conscious journey of self-discovery.

Benefits of meditation:

Increase concentration

Reduce your thoughts to minimum, bring your mind to the present and live in deeper stages of awareness.

Our thoughts are a form of energy, in simple words, they are energy vibrations that manifest our desires, shifts perspectives and dwell in the past and future. Meditation helps you apply a pause on your thoughts and creates a vacuum that makes your mind vigilant and ready to focus with improved concentration.

It is a practice where one reaches absolute awareness.

Induce mind relaxation

 Meditation is not only about concentration; you take charge of yourself as a silent observer letting your mind consciously slip into inner-relaxation.

Tame your mind to be alert about all the thoughts occurring, and progressively the subtle variations of thoughts, emotions and feelings experienced. It indeed relieves you from distress and anxieties, relaxing your mind, transcending your ego and gaining greater compassion and openness.

The techniques can vary, from listening to music, chanting a mantra, tending to nature,to tuning into a state of silence. Ultimately, it will lead to inner-relaxation and peace.

Improve brain function

 As we ascend to the deeper stages of transformations, be it awareness, focus or relaxation, our brain starts functioning in a much-optimized manner.

Transmission between neurons within the brain acts as the foundation and channel for all the thoughts, emotions and behaviour created. These brainwaves generate as synchronised electrical pulses originating from millions of neurons communicating with each other.

Brainwaves are divided into five different frequencies (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma)each responsible for different brain activities. Meditationindisputablyhas the capability to change the brain frequency, moving from higher to lower frequency brain waves, which activates various centres in the brain. Thus, the practice improves brain functions harnessing your power of thoughts and cultivating more clarity, peace and joy.

As you reach deeper states of consciousness, meditating awakens your subconscious mind putting you in charge of creating and controlling your reality at will, and with precision.

For centuries, yogis have experienced the benefits of meditation and now, scientists claim this with proofs and evidences using cutting-edge technologies.

Enhance breathing efficiency and boost energy and vitality

 One of the crucial steps of meditating is to focus on your breath. As your breath lengthens, brain waves slow down, gradually calming your mind and body.

With progressive expansion of your lungs, you start inhaling and exhaling efficiently and your breathing enhances naturally. As a result, the volume of oxygen intake becomes optimum, which in turn makes you rejuvenated and revitalized and keeps many lifestyles and other diseases at bay.

Relieve pain and depression

Meditators gain the capability to process pain differently from others. In the state of meditation, you pay direct attention to the pain sensation, consequently regressing the feeling.

Meditators tend to pain using an internal as well as external approach. As the brain centres on the pain experience, it slows down respiration, drops your heart rate and releases the tension in your muscles, thereby easing you off the uncomfortable sensations.

Also, when you endure physical pain (known as primary pain) for a long time, it induces a secondary pain, wherein your mind reacts to the sensation by generating stress, long-term distress and chronic anxiety. Exercising meditation relieves even high levels of stress associated with the pain and eventually, you experience a significant reduction in the discomfort caused.

Similarly, meditation neutralizes depression-inducing neurotransmitters (serotonin and norepinephrine), turns off anxiety and depression centres of the brain and reduces the stress response. And in due course, it enables you to attain depression-resistant levels.

It is indispensable to say that meditation helps you cope, control and address the pain directly rather than ignoring or walking away from it. Using the same approach, you can not only deal with physical pain, but also tackle mental pain, angst and depression effectively.

Attain sound sleep

In the hustle and bustle of modern regime and lifestyle, you don’t realize how quickly you exhaust your physical, mental and emotional energy reserves. Soon you succumb to unwanted practices and addictions, distorted sleeping habits and unsought anxiety, stress and depression. And eventually, you feel like quitting and get disinterested towards every activity in your life.

So, how does meditation help improve your sleep?

  • Builds up critical sleep brain region, called Pons, which regulates the chemical (melatonin) responsible for dreamtime, sleep and wake cycles.
  • Boosts melatonin-level, a powerful neurochemical, critical in putting you to sleep.
  • Regulates anxiety by neutralizing stress hormones, cortisol, which inhibits your sleep
  • Cuts down the generation of beta brain waves which causes insomnia or sleep deprivation, and produces higher levels of alpha, theta, and delta brainwave patterns, which indeed help induce sleep.
  • Meditative awareness makes your mind to pay attention to how your thoughts and body are affecting you in the present. It eases your mind and helps you calmly slip into the state of sleep.

Studies have proven that meditation is an all-in-one cure for sleeplessness and boosts the quality and depth of sleep no matter how long or strenuous your day was.

mindsupport meditation classes are programmed for people who wish to make the practice a way of their lives. From beginners, with no or a little experience, to the proficient, most advanced levels, our masters/mentors offer personal guidance and customized techniques to fit your needs and goals.

Our meditation classes follow a practical approach and involve simple explanation behind the methodology, process and benefits involved in each of the techniques.

Although meditation is one of the most ancient disciplines mankind has seen, its simplicity and effectiveness makes the practice an ideal cure to the challenges endured in this day and age.