Venue: mindsupport, Trivandrum
Date: 11-2-2023 – Time: 8.00 am

It is during exams that students find it really hard to beat the stress and overcome the fear. Smartphones and gadgets add to the challenge by successfully distracting a student’s mind. Examinations can be both mentally and  physically exhausting for a  student as he/she struggles hard to handle academic pressure. The workshop on ‘Meditation: The powerful stress burster’ is here to help students overcome the challenges to excel in exams.

This online workshop will focus on:

  • Introduction to breathing techniques.
  • Mindfulness and you.
  • What parents need to know!
  • Clear the clutter through meditation.
  • Interaction session.

Who can attend?

The workshop aims at providing a clarity of mind by reducing student stress through meditation. A good stress relieving session for students of all age groups.

Beneficial for parents and teachers too.

Come, join the workshop to say no to exam fever!