There are no two opinions in the fact that all mothers are working mothers. The only difference is that some mothers work by staying at home while some others manage the work at both office and home. Those in the second category are the ones who struggle really hard to maintain a balance in their life. The additional baggage of work at home other than the occupational stress makes their life a bit difficult to handle. This is the reason why most working mothers show symptoms of being both mentally and physically exhausted. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness centres in Kerala are where working mothers look for help. As far as the mental health of a working mom is concerned, meditation and mindfulness classes have been successful in bringing out an effective and positive change. Before we move on to the tips to help busy mothers make their life easier, let us first have a look at a few dilemmas that they go through.

Working mothers and their ordeals-

  • Choosing between career and kids: This is probably the toughest decision that a woman has to make when she becomes a mother. She constantly thinks of providing a better education and a better life to her kid while at the same time wants to spend most of the time with her kids. Being a working mother means choosing the former over the latter. This decision is in itself the most emotionally challenging one for every mother to take.
  • Juggling between two worlds: Once she makes up her mind to take up a job, there begins her ordeal to juggle between two worlds. Taking care of both family and work is both physically and mentally exhausting.
  • Rising in career: Since working mothers have too many things to take care of, they often end up losing focus in work which affect their career growth. Working women’s struggle between career and family doesn’t end All these and much more make the life of a working mother really difficult.

For the wonder woman a working mother is, she really deserves to make her life much more peaceful and fulfilling. Here are a few tips to reduce stress among working women through meditation-

  • Find time to meditate: One may wonder, how can I get time to meditate when I am not even able to find time for myself. It is true that most working mothers while taking care of both family and work end up having no time for themselves. Begin by taking 5 minutes out of your busy life to meditate and gradually you’ll be able to increase the time limit. Once the mind comes at peace, you will be able to manage your time more efficiently and find joy in the little things you do.
  • Meditate to feel refreshed and recharged: Being a working mother naturally makes you feel tired and you crave for a break. Meditation is exactly the break that you need. Find a quiet corner in your home and meditate. When you open your eyes, you can feel yourself refreshed and recharged.
  • Meditate to boost focus: Get rid of your worries while you sit in a silent corner of your home and meditate by simply focusing on your breath. This art of meditation, commonly known as mindfulness will help you to be in the present moment. This would help you to forget about the pain in the past and worries of future. All you have is the present before you. This will in turn help in improving focus so that you can excel at your work.

Try these simple tips to find a way out of your difficult life as a working mother. Get in touch with Mindsupport Trivandrum whenever you feel the need of expert guidance and support.