meditation and mindfulness

The things that make you different are the things that make you ‘YOU’. Everyone wants to be different from others but those who discover themselves in the process are the ones who leave a mark. Mindfulness is one such journey that introduces you to your inner self. Although, we often come across terms like meditation and mindfulness, many of us are not very well aware of the way it changes our life. Mindfulness means to focus on the present moment, without being judgemental towards anything or anyone. Let us see how a mindful person is different from others. Here are a few things that mindful people do differently-

  • They understand the ever-changing nature of life.

There is nothing in this universe that stays forever. The understanding of this very fact makes a mindful person live in the present moment. There are no worries regarding the future and no regrets about the past. A mindful person knows that all things come and go. Happiness will come and go and so will sadness. So, they just live in the present moment and that clears a lot of clutter.

  • They listen without judging.

We all are judgemental in some way or the other. We judge before making an attempt to listen. Mindful beings on the other hand are good listeners. They listen without judging. And, this they apply to not just others but to themselves too. This makes it easier for them to forgive others for their wrong deeds. Also, they learn from their mistakes and do not go through toxic self-criticism. This paves the way towards inner peace. Mindfulness introduces a person to inner peace.

  • Mindful eating.

How many of us pay attention to the each bite we take? Not many of us! But, mindful people apply mindfulness to every single task they do. For some of us, eating is simply a part of our daily routine which we have to do for survival. Some of us eat just to satisfy our taste buds. But none of us really pay any attention to what we eat.  Those who practice mindfulness, eat mindfully that is they are very well aware of each bite they take which helps them to develop good eating habits. This in turn gets reflected in their good health.

  • They don’t multitask.

Our life is getting busier day by day. We run out of time to take care of everything around us. Hence, we begin to multitask hoping that this will save our valuable time. But, unlike what we think, multitasking does more bad than good to human brain. Mindful people do not engage in multitasking. They focus on one task at a time. This helps them in sorting out what is relevant and what is not. This not only saves their time but also increases work productivity. Through mindfulness, one learns to maintain sustained attention.

These are just a few little things that mindful people do differently that bring huge positive difference to their life. One can always begin practicing meditation and mindfulness at home. However, if you are facing any difficulty and need expert guidance, you can always approach mindsupport Trivandrum.

“Be mindful, be grateful, be positive, be true, be kind.” -Roy T. Bennett