“You are way too strong than you think!” I used to say this to my friend whenever she had a bad day. And this is something I say to myself almost everyday. I have seen people crying over material loss. I have seen people going into depression cycle. I have seen people breaking and making up in relationships. I have seen kids getting nervous before exams. I have seen many such situations where negativity and fear suck the strength out of you. But what keeps you going in all such situations is your inner strength. You may say it is easier said than done. But, believe me you can overcome anything if you trust your inner strength.

Here are three quick tips to cultivate your inner strength….

● Find yourself: In the race to find someone else, most of us end up losing ourselves. One cannot cultivate their inner strength without knowing who they are. Once you know who you are and what you are capable of, you can trust your inner strength to move forward in tough times.
● Take care of your physical health: A healthy mind can only dwell in a healthy body. People often hurt themselves physically when they can no longer take the mental pain. This is of course the worst way to get over mental trauma. So, eat well, be physically active and give your body the right amount of sleep.
● Meditate: When I say ‘meditate’, it doesn’t need to be something you need to do sitting in a corner of your eyes with closed. When I say ‘meditate’, I mean developing a spiritual connection. You may do so by praying or having a deep thought. Concentrate your mind to realise your purpose in life. This definitely helps in discovering your inner strength.
I know that sometimes we all become too tired to even think of any way to get out of the circumstances we are in. Some issues are hard to be taken care of on our own. We need someone to guide and reinstill our faith in ourselves. Mindsupport Trivandrum can be approached in all such situations where you are not able to trust your inner strength to fight your battle on your own.
You can only survive when the fire inside you burns brighter than the fire around you. Trust your inner power and move on in life!