Increase emotional intelligence

Maya Angelou has very rightly said, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” This is exactly what emotional intelligence is all about. We all have different personalities and hence, display our emotions differently. Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of one’s own emotions together with acknowledging the feelings of others. Developing emotional intelligence therefore becomes important for both personal and professional success.

How to grow emotional intelligence?

To be emotionally intelligent, one should be mindful of one’s own emotions. Mindfulness is the art of being in the present moment and to be fully aware of oneself without being judgemental. Mindfulness paves the way towards achieving emotional intelligence. People thronging to yoga, meditation and mindfulness centres in Kerala is an indication of increasing number of people struggling with the complexities of life. Each one of us wants to relax and escape from the chaos. This can be achieved only if we learn to deal with our emotions and avoid complicating our already complicated lives. Growing your emotional intelligence will help you realise that complications are just a mirage which disappears when you take control of your emotions.

How does mindfulness help?

In order to increase emotional intelligence, one needs to develop the following three key characteristics-

  • Self awareness
  • Self regulation
  • Compassion for others

Developing a sense of emotional self awareness is the first step towards achieving emotional intelligence. Practicing mindfulness helps in focusing on our sensations while experiencing the present. It develops an understanding of how our mind responds to certain situations. Only when we are able to understand our emotions, we will be able to control it. Once we become aware of our feelings and reactions in certain situations or towards certain people, we can work towards finding ways to control or regulate our actions. Self regulation involves controlling our physical or verbal response after proper assessment of our own emotions. It is achieved when we are able to establish a harmony between body and mind. This would seem to be difficult to achieve in the beginning but with regular practice of mindfulness and meditation, you can develop self regulation. The third and the most important characteristic trait required to gain emotional intelligence is compassion towards others. One must try to understand others’ emotions the same way they understand theirs. Before jumping into conclusions, pause for a while to think what might have led the other person to behave so. You might feel angry, hurt, discouraged or irritated by the way someone behaves with you. But once you master the art of emotional self awareness, self regulation and build compassion for others, you can save yourself from being affected by such negative emotions. Emotional intelligence not just helps in fighting negative emotions, it also helps in better decision making and being more productive. It is therefore important to work on your EQ (emotional quotient) as much as you work on your IQ (intelligence quotient). Mindsupport Trivandrum will guide you towards developing emotional intelligence through mindfulness.

“Emotional intelligence is not about being emotional, it’s about being smart with your emotions.” Welcome mindfulness and meditation into your lives and be smart with your emotions.