I have really enjoyed relaxation sessions – yoga and practical lessons on how I could gain confidence to build my broken life. I thank you sir, for the time you took to guide me. You are an excellent teacher!
Let it be! Sounds simple, yet sometimes a simple explanation is what we need in life. The mindfulness lessons gave me so much of confidence to take on life, and I'm happy that I’m returning home with so much inspiration, confidence and love. I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for personalized and short term classes.
Mary Thomas, Marketing Manager
Improved my sense of well-being
Thanks for giving me the mental and physical support through your daily classes. First of all I was a very nervous when I enrolled for the 14 day crash course. But, you were very supportive and gave me a customized class schedule that fit into my timetable. After few session I could feel the changes in me - as I was more relaxed and more in control of my life. I will always have the gratitude that you guided me through this difficult phase of life. Thank you for your interesting anecdotes and the practical tips on happy living.
Sowmya Nair
Wonderful Turnaround in My Life
I had a wonderful learning experience at mindsupport. As a beginner I had some apprehension about my skills and how I could learn the yoga asanas in a short time. However, sir was able to motivate and simplify the steps so that I easily learn intricate steps with ease. Thanks for your patience and support.