Stress to relaxation through Yoga


I close my eyes and I find myself disturbed; I open my eyes and I see so many stressed souls. Somebody has very rightly said that, ‘Stress is the trash of modern life. We all generate it; but if it is not disposed properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.’ It is in such times that yoga comes to your rescue. June 21 is dedicated to inner and outer wellbeing of human beings and is celebrated as International Yoga Day all around the globe. This year, the theme for Yoga Day is ‘Yoga for Peace’. The theme is actually relevant in the hustle and bustle of modern life where peace seems to be a dying symphony. Mindsupport yoga classes in Trivandrum guides you to a peaceful life.

Keep Calm in the Chaos!

Calmness is an art that we all need to practice to stay away from the chaos. Yoga paves the way to mental peace. It is beyond some incredible super stretchy human beings performing the asanas. Yoga includes asanas (body postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and ancient yoga philosophy. Here are some of the many benefits of practicing yoga-

  • Helps in reducing stress and promotes relaxation. Studies have shown that practicing yoga decreases the secretion of cortisol, which is the primary stress hormone.
  • Helps in fighting anxiety and depression and boosts your mental health.
  • Promotes quality sleep.
  • Yoga takes care of your physical and mental health. Some of its physical health benefits include reducing chronic pain, improving heart health, promoting flexibility and balance etc.
  • Above all, practicing yoga on a daily basis improves the quality of life.


Simple Yoga Poses to be Tried at Home:

The following poses can be tried at home for mental relaxation.-

  • Savasana or Corpse Pose: It is the easiest and most relaxing yoga posture that everyone can try. All you have to do is lie down on a yoga mat keeping your feet slightly apart. Let your knees and toe relax. Place your arms on the side of your body. Keep your palms open facing the ceiling. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Stay in this posture for 10 minutes.

Benefits: Apart from calming down the nervous system so that you can relax, it also promotes sleep and helps in lowering high blood pressure.

  • Balasana or Child Pose: This again is a simple and easy posture that can be practiced at home.

Benefits: It is the beginner’s yoga pose and is actually the resting position. It soothes the brain and helps in relieving back and neck pain. It is known for its healing and restoring [power that provide relief from mental and emotional stress.

However, one should always practice yoga and meditation techniques under expert guidance.

Yoga has been a part of our tradition since ancient times. Sparing a few minutes to practice yoga will add years to your life. Walk the journey from stress to relaxation through yoga. Either you can practice stress or you can practice peace by practicing yoga at home or by enrolling for meditation classes in Trivandrum. The choice is yours!