The term ‘Sophrology’ may sound new to many of us. But, this relaxation technique was introduced in 1960 and is widely popular in Europe. Being a perfect blend of western relaxation and eastern meditation, sophrology is definitely a new way of mindful living. Sophrology is the study of harmony of the consciousness. As it is based on relaxation and concentration, this technique helps in making one more aware of its body and mind. This is why, sophrology is set to be an effective addition to a multitude of yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes in Kerala. Here is what you need to know about sophrology-

In harmony with body and mind:

You can’t disagree with me if I say, most of us begin our day exhausted dragging ourselves out of the bed to face the day. Struggling to manage our hectic life, we have somewhere lost the harmony between body and mind. This is why sophrology is much needed today. What more can we ask for when we can get an alert mind in a relaxed body. Sophrology uses mental and physical exercises to achieve the perfect mind body balance. It is an effective self development technique that makes use of meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques with soft movements and visualisation.

Not Mindfulness, But More!

It is quite normal for people to ask, ‘We practice, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Do we really need sophrology?’ The answer is YES! Sophrology is indeed based on mindfulness techniques, but it encompasses yoga, Buddhist meditation, hypnosis, Zen and psychology. Hence, its benefits go much beyond the benefits of all these techniques of personal development taken individually. Mindfulness is about being in the present. Sophrology too is about being in the moment but together with it, it prepares us for the future events too. The best thing about this self development technique is that it is not time consuming and easy to learn. You don’t have to be a meditation convert or a yoga practitioner to incorporate sophrology into your life. Sophrology is for everyone and both experienced and first-timers can be equally benefited from it. Those who want to relax and rejuvenate their lives by bringing the best out of it can choose sophrology as a method to achieve physical and mental well being.

Discover the purpose in your life:

Fighting the stress to improve focus is mandatory to achieve success. With sophrology, one can calm oneself down to boost focus so as to find purpose in life. Being in the present is important but preparing for the future with a focused mind while experiencing the present is required to set your goals right. For the mind to work with full precision, it should dwell in a healthy and relaxed body. Sophrology works in establishing the balance between body and mind to achieve a state of overall well being. Today, when we stand at the edge of 2018, still struggling to live our stressed lives, it is time to welcome sophrology into our lives. Just, as we have welcomed mindfulness to live in the present, let’s learn to live through sophrology. Those who have benefited from yoga, meditation and mindfulness should definitely try sophrology and also suggest it to your loved ones to bring a positive change into their lives. In case of any queries or assistance, feel free to get in touch with Mindsupport Trivandrum.