mindfulness the art of forgiveness

Not everyone who enters your life stays there forever. Some will hurt you and some will betray you. There will be times when you are left  struggling with your own feelings of anguish, remorse and guilt. But, how often do you forgive those who sin against you? It is a question that each one of us need to ask ourselves once in a while. It takes courage to forgive those who hurt us and not many of us have that courage within us. It is only through forgiveness that you can be at peace with yourself. Mindsupport Trivandrum will help you in learning the art of forgiveness.

Mindfulness and the Art of Forgiveness

Mindfulness can help in healing your life by being more forgiving of others. When you carry grudges, you hurt no one but yourself because the person who did you wrong might not have the slightest idea of what you are going through. In order to free yourself from the pain, you should start forgiving others for their mistakes even if they don’t deserve your forgiveness. Here’s how mindfulness can help you in leading a calm and peaceful life.

Mindfulness is a technique that teaches you to stay in the present moment. By focusing on the present, one is able to forget the past and stops worrying about the future. It gives you an opportunity to accept your feelings, thoughts and sensations. You become more conscious of what is happening around you at the present moment. Gradually, you start accepting others for who they are. Mindfulness can calm your mind to accept the feelings of others by not judging them on the basis of what they did to you.

When you forgive, you free yourself!

Lewis B. Smedes has very rightly said that, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” Forgiveness sets you free and mindfulness is the way through which you can master the art of forgiveness. The first step towards forgiveness is peace. Once you use mindfulness to calm your mind, you can get rid of random thoughts and negative feelings that kept pestering you. With a peaceful mind, you can put yourself in others’ shoes before making a judgement. It gives you time to understand what really is hurting you. The extent of pain that one might cause to you varies with person to person. You have to understand that pain and think what provoked them to behave in an inappropriate way to you. Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to tolerate everything and let those who hurt you enter back into your life. Forgiveness means those who are really sorry do deserve another chance and those who are not do not even deserve your hate. You need to let go of such people and move on in life. Being mindful will make you mentally strong enough to forgive others and find the inner peace.

Mindfulness teaches you to practice justice and forgiveness together. Don’t let yourself suffer from the injustices of others. Forgive them to set yourself free from all the toxicity and negativity that hovered around you. Practice mindfulness as it is the key to a happy and peaceful life and mindsupport Trivandrum will help you with the task.