It is an undeniable fact that every human being, at some point of life has to come across grief. It is a feeling that is inevitably associated with human life. As far as we, Malayalees are concerned, there are so many hearts that grieve for different reasons in Kerala. It is indeed true that we cannot escape it; but we can definitely incorporate better ways to deal with it. Guided Meditation for grief, of course is a powerful technique to cope with grief. mindsupport meditation classes in Trivandrum is reaching out to heal all such grieving hearts through meditation. Let us first analyze some of the reasons that has led people in Kerala to suffer emotionally in these recent years.

  • When Blue Whale entered Kerala:

People in Kerala cannot forget the 16-year-old teenager, hailing from Thiruvananthapuram who lost his life while completing the Blue Whale challenge. Shockwaves went through the entire Kerala, not to mention about his parents and relatives for whom the pain was unbearable. It is in such cases that meditation could really help. It can bring relief to an aching heart by shifting the focus from what has already happened and slowly lets you cope with the grief. Also, teaching your kids the art of meditation will help to shape their minds by reducing the tendency of aggression while bringing a sense of positivity and calmness in their lives. Nothing can fill the void, but meditation, in many ways can help you overcome the pain.

  • Alarming rate of suicides:

According to the data available with the National Crime Records Bureau, ‘The Hindu’ has stated that suicide rates in Kerala is three times that of the national average. The latest incident being the death of Dinu Alex, a Lionel Messi fan. Alex walked towards death when his favorite football team could not win the match for him. Suicidal tendencies occur when you are not able to calm your mind and try to find peace in death. But, practicing meditation regularly can make your life more peaceful. You can control your mind from wandering and diverting towards negative thoughts. Dinu Alex died and left a bunch of grieving souls behind.

These are just a few out of the many cases where we fail to make ourselves understand that things can be made alright even in the worst times. And these are the situations where meditation can play a determining role by making you mentally strong to cope with grief and accept whatever life throws at you with a calm and optimistic mind. Fear and doubts can lead to anxiety which makes your life stressful. Meditation helps you handle such critical and stressful situations with great patience. In order to live a peaceful life, it is very important for one to be in the present. Somebody has very rightly said that, “You cannot finish the book, if you keep rereading the previous page.” Bringing mindfulness to your life, hence becomes very much important, especially in times when stress is eating up the healthy minds. Mindsupport meditation classes in Trivandrum is trying take this message to everyone who wants to improve their quality of life. It would not be wrong to say that, ‘Meditation is no more a luxury, but a necessity.’