How can Yoga make my day better?

How yoga can make my day better.

Yoga is one discipline that focuses on the three most important aspects of a human – The body, the mind and the breath. This means that it takes care of your physical and mental needs, and regulates the one thing that you do the most in your life; breathing! What’s more!? You just have to devote mere 15 minutes of your day for the holistic improvement of your physical and mental well being.

How can Yoga make my day better?

  1. You are in Control of Your Body – Your body is a tool with which you work throughout the day. If a tool you use is not in your control, it slows you down and makes you doubt yourself. Yoga works with your blood circulation, muscles and joint movements. With time, you will notice that you will be in control of your body thereby getting more things done in a day than you ever dreamt of.
  2. You are in Control of Your Mind –Your mind needs to listen to you when you decide to take 15 minutes off your day and focus on your bodily needs. Though it might be difficult at first, you’ll notice that your mind will eventually come around and listen to you with practice. This technique can be used in other areas as well, thereby increasing productivity.
  3. Being in the Present – Our thoughts are always in the past or in the future. Because of this we miss out on wonderful things that happen in the present. Yoga requires mindfulness. With practice, Yoga will help your mind stay in the moment and not wander off more often.
  4. Helps in Stress Relief – Yoga, coupled with meditation, helps you take your mind off all the stress and focus on your body and breathing. A 15 minute break from stress is all you need to cool down and enjoy living in the present. The stress relief you get from these 15 minutes will easily last you a day and with practice, you will learn how to not let stress affect you.
  5. You Connect With Your breath – With time and practice, you will realize that you can control your thoughts and emotions by controlling or connecting with your breath. Yoga is all about breath control. In a day, practicing Yoga could help you connect with your breath and control it to control your emotions and reactions to various situations.
  6. It gets you out of your comfort zone – “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, couldn’t hold more true. By practicing Yoga, you are challenging yourself. You are assuring yourself that you are capable of more than what you are doing. Every time you do something you haven’t done before, it gives a sense of accomplishment and boosts your confidence.
  7. Fills you with positivity – 15 minutes of Yoga, improves your blood circulation, helps you breathe deeper and invigorates you mentally and physically. You see this new found strength in you that makes you believe that nothing is impossible for you. Naturally, you look at everything with positivity.

When you have completed one task successfully, in this case Yoga, it boosts your confidence and makes you believe that you can successfully complete anything that comes your way. This is the kind of effect Yoga has on your mental and physical well being. As your day improves, so does your week and month and before you know, your life would have taken a whole new turn. You can choose to practice Yoga at home or enroll for yoga classesac in Trivandrum.

The first step always is the hardest. In this case, it involves just 15 minutes of your day. Are you willing to spare that? Try and see for yourself the positive change it brings to you and the people around you.