8 Tips to Practice Meditation at Home


Our minds are always occupied with a million thoughts that flit through one after the other. Meditation helps you stay in the present and observe the thoughts that pass through your mind in the process. You can meditate anytime, anywhere and it isn’t as difficult as people make it seem. If you are a beginner, preparing for the meditation will definitely make your experience more beautiful. Here are 8 tips that will help you practice meditation at home:

1. Fix Your Spot – Fix a cozy and comfortable corner in your home where you are at peace. It need not necessarily be inside the house. It could also be the garden or the rooftop. The place you choose to meditate plays a vital role in the quality of your meditation.

2. Set the mood – Lighting a lamp, using fragrant essential oils and agarbattis, using mellow lighting etc can transport you into a serene atmosphere and mentally prepare and support you during the meditation.

3. Find a comfortable posture – There are no hard and fast rules for meditation. Sitting with legs folded and spine upright is a preferred method but the more important thing is that you are comfortable. Your thoughts shouldn’t focus on an uncomfortable posture or pain. So make yourself comfortable before you meditate.

4. Work out a Routine – The first thing you do after you wake up is brush your teeth. The habit has been set. When you practice meditation at a particular time every day, the body and the mind aligns to the routine and with time, you will find yourself meditating at the fixed time daily, without fail.

5. Breathe – Remember to breathe normally. At times, you could get all stiff and tight trying to focus on meditating that it might affect your breathing. Keep checking back on your breathing.

6. Find Your view – When you find the place and set the mood, also ensure that you aren’t facing clutter or mess in your home. Your view is what you see when you open your eyes after a good meditation. Opening your eyes to clutter dampens your mood. So ensure that you are facing a garden, woods, a plain wall, A God’s idol or picture or a lamp.

7. Reduce Avoidable Disturbances – Let people in your family know that you are not to be disturbed at this time of the day, ensure that the phone is in silent mode and that there’s someone to answer the door in case someone rings the bell.

8. Use Meditation Apps – There are plenty of guided meditation apps available in the app store and some of them are really good to ease you into meditation. You can read about them and pick one that suits your requirement.

Meditation is a way of life and with practice you will understand how to change your techniques and what works better for you. Every morning, dedicate an extra fifteen minutes for Yoga together with meditation. You will experience an unbelievable transformation in life.

In case you still are unsure of meditating on your own, there are multiple institutions that provide meditation classes in Trivandrum.

Did you find these tips helpful? If yes, follow them while you begin with  your meditation  session at home.  If more professional guidance is needed, Mindsupport meditation classes assure you of right guidance and support.