boost your work and productivity-

People often complain about being busy with work. It is true that we all get busy with our jobs. But as far as work is concerned, just being busy is not enough. We need to be equally productive at the same time. Work productivity is highly dependent on our physical and mental well being. If you are someone who is looking for ways to improve work productivity, you are at the right place.

What stops you from being productive?

Many of us are under the false assumption that by working faster, we are being productive. Working faster can help you finish the task on time, but it doesn’t guarantee the quality of work that you deliver.  Sometimes, it is necessary to slow down the pace to analyse the work you are doing.

Apart from the tendency to work faster, distraction is another major obstacle in the path of work productivity. Distractions hamper the quality of work. There are many factors that distract us from work. Family stress, tension in relationships, lack of interest, and of course, social media are some of the major factors that lead to distraction.

How to be more productive at work?

We all want to work in a way that would deliver positive outcomes. But many a times, we fail before the obstacles that come in the way. As a result, we end up doing our work mechanically just to meet the deadlines without paying much heed to the quality of work. Here are a few quick and easy tips to boost your work and productivity-

  • Reduce stress, improve focus: If you want to deliver the best out of your work, the first thing you need to do is focus. One may ask, ‘How can I focus when I am surrounded by all kinds of stress and tensions? The answer lies in mindfulness. It is a form of meditation that uses breathing and body-awareness techniques. Being mindful means to be in the present. Regular practice of mindfulness can help in reducing the stress thereby improving focus. When you don’t think about the hardships of past and the challenges of future, you can clear your mind to work efficiently in present.
  • Know your priorities: It is important to know your priorities and schedule the work accordingly. People tend to be most productive during the early hours of the work. Hence, this is the perfect time to do the most challenging task of all. Do the remaining works that require lesser effort in the later hours of the day. In this way, you can not just finish your work on time but also be productive at the same time.
  • Say ‘No’ to social networks: When we talk about distractions, social networking sites top the list. We need to train our minds to stop accessing social media at least during working hours. For this, you have to develop interest towards the work you do. Appreciate your work and motivate yourself to perform better. Meditation helps in fighting distraction. Meditate daily for five minutes in the morning to see the change. Don’t expect a change in a blink of an eye. Stay patient and continue meditation on a daily basis. Slowly, you can feel a positive change both in your personal and professional life. Meditation clears the clutter in your mind and improves concentration. By practising meditation, you can gradually control your urge to use social networking sites during work time and hence improve work productivity.

The healing touch of yoga, meditation and mindfulness is so energising and refreshing that you will start loving your life more than anything else. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness centres in Trivandrum offer you the right guidance to make you fall in love with your life. Mindsupport Trivandrum can assist you in becoming more productive at work by adopting a healthier and peaceful lifestyle. When you love your life, you automatically become more creative and productive. Practice these simple steps and see for yourself the  positive change that it bring in your life.