7 Books on Yoga

7 Books on Yoga and Meditation that You Must Read

Yoga is being discussed vastly and with so much ease these days that you would think it’s no big a deal. But to get into the depths of Yoga is no easy task. Without the right guidance, you could get lost or end up doing postures wrongly. You either have to attend good Yoga classes near you or get the right books on Yoga. For those interested in learning Yoga in depth, we have compiled a list of 7 books on Yoga available in the market:

  1. Yoga, Mind, Body and Spirit : A Return to Wholeness by Donna Farhi – If you doubt that your postures aren’t correct, this book might be of some help. It gives all the postures in detail and talks about how instead of forcing asanas, one may focus on ‘effortless movement’.
  2. The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown : A book for beginners, trainers and people who are keen on understanding every posture, and how to go about them step by step. The book comes with pictures of Yogasanas which are arranged by body positions. So if you are doing an asana which requires you to be seated, the asanas that follow will be seated asanas too.
  3. Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff : The book has pictures of the body for different postures and which muscles get the stretch and strain while doing an asana. It lays down the type of breathing required for the pose and any difficulties that one could face if the asana is not performed correctly. In short, this book is for the perfectionsit in you who wishes to benefit completely from Yoga.
  4. Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar : The specialty of this book is that the postures are described extensively, in depth. More than 200 asanas have been depicted with pictures for references. The book classifies Yoga practices by the type of ailment one suffers from and it also grades the asanas on the basis of difficulty.
  5. Functional Anatomy of Yoga by David Kell : This book talks in detail about our body, all about the anatomy for understanding Yoga better and how we move. If you are facing issues while doing or teaching yoga, this book makes you understand the reason for it. This book is a must read if you are an instructor who wants to learn better and in turn teach better.
  6. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra : Swami Satchidananda wrote this book in the light of Sanskrit verses on Yoga. He translates these verses, breaks them down for the readers and gives his own interpretations of the verses too. Yoga asanas and meditation are dealt with in detail specially from a view point of spirituality. For anyone who wishes to understand Yoga and meditation from a spiritual viewpoint, this is the book for you.
  7. Meditations from the Mat : Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga by Rolf Gates – Among the 7 Books on Yoga, this is the one you need to read if you are looking for more than just asanas in Yoga. It has 365 reflections of how we could mindfully adopt Yoga to our day to day life. Whether you read one a day or more entries, it gives you the push you need to get out there with your mat and get your body moving.

These 7 books on Yoga are gems that could easily walk you through the path. However, if you require a teacher to guide you through, you could always opt for a Yoga class near you. Those in Trivandrum, do contact Mindsupport Yoga classes in Trivandrum. We will pave your way to a healthy and quality life through yoga.