Venue: mindsupport, Trivandrum
Date: 20-11-2021, Time : 9 am

All of us want our kids to have a happy, peaceful and successful life. But, the process of growing up involves a number of challenges which can be equally challenging for both parents and kids. The emotional dysregulation that occurs in childhood can create problems even after the child grows up into an adult. Hence, it is important to heal the childhood in order to have a calm, cheerful and successful future. The workshop on ‘Mindful Childhood’ will help in preparing your child to face the emotional and psychological challenges that may come on their way. They say, “Childhood lasts all through life.” Let happiness bloom in your kids’ life.

The workshop will mainly focus on:
● Happiness through Mindfulness
● Easy meditations
● Discussion with participants
● Mindfulness activities
● Tips to parents and teachers.

Participants list:
The online workshop is open to all!
A great learning experience for kids under the age group of 5-15.
Beneficial for parents and teachers.

Join the workshop and embrace mindfulness to promote inner strength and emotional well-being.